Electronic Cigarettes Help To Lose Weight When You Quit Smoking

The real trick to losing weight is to pay attention to the habits you’re accustomed to and making some changes. It can be really hard to keep the pounds off when you are quitting smoking, and this is why you should probably take a look at the electronic cigarette review website. This doesn’t only mean starting an exercise program or dieting, though these practices can certainly be helpful. Some people, for example, pay attention to what they eat at their main meals but not how they snack or the high calorie beverages they consume.

johnny e cigarette reviewsIf you want to lose weight, you have to pay attention to what you drink as well as what you eat. Most drinks other than water are high in calories and not very healthy, and you can easily fall into this trap without realizing it.When you are coming off of nicotine, this is extremely important – because you are going to be really thirsty. If you substitute e cigarettes for tobacco cigarettes, you will surely diminish this need to drink a lot – but you will still be thirstier than before you stopped smoking all together.

Another category you have to consider is anything you buy at a cafe -do you like coffee drinks full of sugar and milk? While they may provide some fast energy, they are hardly nutritious or helpful for losing weight. Water is by far the healthiest and least fattening drink there is. There’s nothing wrong with plain tea or coffee, and these even have certain health benefits, but the things you add to them are usually counterproductive. You shouldn’t even overdo it with fruit juice, as this has quite a bit of natural sugar -pure fruit is preferable because it’s not as highly concentrated.  When you use e cigs, you will be getting some sugars in the eLiquid you are turning into water vapor – so be aware of it. You may even want to check out some of the most popular e cigarettes websites to learn more about this.

If you’re always thinking about what you’re not allowed to eat, you will only want to eat these forbidden items even more. It’s much better to place as much of your attention as possible on what it’s beneficial for you to eat instead of those things you’re trying to give up. This is more than just playing a trick on your mind; when you shop, cook and eat, try to focus on the healthiest possible foods and there will be less time, money and room in your stomach for the less healthy and more fattening ones!

The first place to put this principle into practice is at the store and deciding what to buy -have a list of healthy foods that you start shopping for and make sure you take care of these before even looking at less healthy items. Read about the benefits of healthy foods so that your mind is focused in a positive direction. If you will be trying e cigs for the first time, I recommend you check out a site like http://bestratedelectroniccigarettes.com/

There are many books and websites that advertise diets where you can supposedly lose lots of weight in a short time, and you may be tempted by these. These extremely low calorie diets often disguise their nature by saying you can lose weight by eating grapefruit, cabbage or chocolate. By restricting your calories to unnaturally low levels, these diets cause a slowdown in your body’s metabolism (when you really want the opposite to happen), as you go into survival mode.This can make stopping smoking even more difficult, so don’t worry if you want to snack and have a few sweets each day.

It’s impossible to stay on a diet like this permanently, and when you quit it, you’ll be eating more calories with this slowed down metabolism so you then gain weight back faster than ever.

What you should do instead is focus on increasing your metabolism and eating a moderate but healthy diet that you can maintain. You will be taking in less nicotine, and this will slow down your metabolism. Check out some of the best e cigarette reviews before you make a choice, and you will be better informed about what works, and what doesn’t.

One of the secrets to weight loss is to pay attention to all your habits and make changes where necessary. The first step in making better choices in every area of your life is to be fully aware of what you’re doing throughout the day. Reaching your target weight may take some time, but new daily habits can help you get their little by little. Read the Wiki page about e cigarettes to learn more.